Many Thanks to @AltonBrown for Being Such a Gracious Book Signer @ubs_events Tonight! (and my apologies)

From the scones, to the meatloaf, to the 5-minute perfect skillet steaks, to the city ham, I really appreciate this man as a chef.  I'm also fond of his televised entertainment.  But even more than that, Alton's seriously a classy fellow, right down to the bow tie!  He definitely gets props for 1. taking folks with children into consideration by bumping them up to the head of the line, and 2. being super gracious and nice despite my botched comment I was to relay for my wife during the signing:

Paula to Tom: "Tell him thanks for bringing Science into the kitchen and for not making Iron Chef America suck."
Tom to Alton: "My wife told me to tell you, 'Thanks for making Iron Chef America suck a little less.'"

Clearly, I failed my delivery.  Alton, if you read this, my apologies.  What I meant to say in essence was that you really made Iron Chef America rock. :)

All in all, you're one of the most gracious book signers I've ever met and thanks so much for stopping by Seattle and we'll continue to enjoy your Good Eats via your cook books!  Good luck with the rest of your tour!